• Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cook: 25 minutes
  • Ready in: 40 minutes

One Pan of this Cheesy Chicken Broccoli & Rice is a healthy as well as yummy dinner dish that you can simply make at home. Find the complete instructions in the recipe below.

How to make One Pan Cheesy Chicken Broccoli & Rice

Serve around four until six portions of One Pan Cheesy Chicken Broccoli & Rice on top of your dining table in only 40 minutes. Now, follow the recipe below to make some at home.


  • 45 gr of olive oil
  • A half yellow onion, cut into cubes
  • 450 gr chicken breasts with no bones and skins, cut into small pieces
  • Two cloves of minced garlic
  • Salt and ground pepper as the seasoning
  • 200 gr of white rice, choose the extra long grain size and no need to cook it first
  • 500 gr of broccoli florets, cut into small pieces
  • 500 gr cups chicken broth, choose the low sodium one
  • 400 gr of shredded cheddar cheese


1First, you need to prepare a large skillet, or you may use a pan. Then, put the onions in it along with a bit of olive oil. Saute these ingredients over medium heat for several minutes. While cooking, you may season the chicken with salt and pepper evenly.

2After the onions turn soft, you may higher the heat over medium-high heat. Then, cook the chicken in it. Cook and stir the chickens with the ingredients in the skillet until they turn golden brown. After that, you can add the garlic into the chicken mixture to cook for another minute.

3To cook the rice, you need to empty some space of the skillet by pushing the chicken mixture into another side of the pan. Add more olive oil to space, then put the rice in it. Cook for a couple of minutes and add again with chicken broth. Boil the mixture, then make it simmer by covering the pan with a lid.

4To make the chicken and the rice mixture completely cooked. You need time for around 12 minutes. Then, open the lid and add the broccoli over the chicken and rice mixture. Stir and cook to combine the ingredients. Cover again over low heat for around 8 minutes until the colour of the broccoli turns brown, and the texture is much tender.

After it is done, you may turn off the heat and stir with 100 gr of cheese. Before you serve this, add some more cheese on top of the mixture and don’t forget to cover with the lid. Then, wait for around 1 to 2 minutes until the cheese gets finely melted. Finally, you can serve this on a serving platter and enjoy it immediately while it is warm.